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Trek 2000 Road Bike

The Trek 2000 is a top-rated bicycle for a person hunting for a fast, small and light Bike that can handle any terrain, this Bike is exquisite for lovers who itch to explore the world on their own terms. The Trek 2000 is conjointly top grade for lovers who itch to explore different areas of the country.

Trek 2000 Aluminum Road Bike

The Trek 2000 aluminum road Bike is a beneficial way for lovers digging for a high-quality bike, made from durable aluminum, it's straightforward to maintain and is exceptional for shoppers searching for an affordable option. This road Bike grants an 55 cm frame and fork, making it wide enough for all sorts of hands, with a stylish and attractive design, this Bike is unrivalled for somebody wanting for a high-quality and affordable ride. The Trek 2000 sl super light road Bike is a fantastic alternative for shoppers digging for a small, lightweight and riders can use the valley between them, the Trek 2000 sl features a sora battery character and it boasts a Bike imparts an 52 cm wheelbase and can accommodate up to 25 is, making it a sterling alternative for lightweight road riding. The Trek 2000 road Bike is an exceptional alternative for shoppers searching for a heavy-duty bike, it is a top size for enthusiasts searching for 54 cm Bike and 27 speed stainless steel fork. It is additionally a sensational substitute for individuals digging for a Bike that is heavy and durable, looking for an used Trek bike? Analyze our 1985-1989 vintage Trek 2000 1 st gen dura ace 7400 1 st gen aluminum Bike for sale! This Bike is in first-class condition with no damage or rust. It is larger than a standard Trek Bike and peerless for suitors who desiderate to explore the world on the road, this Bike is for sale as is, and is not a trade-in.