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Trek 1500 Aluminum Road Bike

This Trek 1500 slr alpha race road Bike gives an all-black look that is excellent for any Bike shop, this frame set includes both the large 58 cm red and blue version. The frame is well made with a comfortable seat and lot of adjusting opportunities, the Bike effortless to ride and offers a high quality for the price.

Top 10 Trek 1500 Aluminum Road Bike

The Trek 1500 Aluminum road Bike is a beneficial way for lovers who are scouring for a high-quality bike, it is a machine that is fabricated to take you to the ground and then go up the street again. This Bike is exquisite for enthusiasts who are digging for a fast and reliable ride, it provides an 20-frame rating and is produced from high-quality Aluminum materials. This Bike is lightweight and is exquisite for young riders hunting to please their riding style, with a powerful engine and smooth ride, the Trek 1500 is an outstanding substitute to enjoy the challenge com cycling. It is manufactured from high-quality Aluminum materials, and features a sis system that makes it effortless to use, additionally, the frame is produced from durable and sturdy materials, making it a peerless way for people who itch to bike. The suntour power ratchet ld-1500 road shifters are new addition to the Trek 1500 Aluminum road Bike range, these spd new road shifters are vintie-spec'd with 567-rpm and 10-speed shimano sacred they'refeatures a style catch and the Bike is running nos -vintage- 567-spd-nib.