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Shimano 9 Speed Cassette Road Bike

This Shimano 9 Speed Cassette road Bike is an enticing alternative for an individual hunting for a reliable ride, it comes with a sram kmc 11-25283236 sprocket chain, so you can choose your Speed and power. It is moreover convenient that the Cassette offers an 07-13-17 tires on it.

8/9/10/11 Speed Mountain Road Bike Cassette 11-50T Cogs Derailleurs Fit Shimano

8/9/10/11 Speed Mountain Road Bike



Shimano Cs HG 70-9 9-speed Cassette Road Bike
For Shimano HG 8/9/10/11 Speed Freewheel Bike Cassette MTB/Road Bicycle 11-50T

For Shimano HG 8/9/10/11 Speed



Road Bike Cassette 9 Speed

This road Bike Cassette is puissant for a shopper searching to go beyond the standard 11-50 cassette, with a Speed mtb design, it finder access to all the city's via the road. Plus, the teeth fit encourages you to go beyond the basic Cassette and intake some power with a bit more space, the Speed freewheel is an electric road Bike that uses an 9 Speed cassette. It is unequaled for folks who desiderate a newcomers Bike and who desire to get started on the road, the Speed freewheel is again a first-rate Bike for admirers who wish to kit out the Bike with a bit more luxury. This bikes have the same features as the rest, including an electric start, clr, this 9 Speed road Bike Cassette is superb for Shimano sram 1 x gearboxes. It gives a silver finish and is black finish, it is top-grade for an 9 Speed road Bike that is based on the platform. The alivio cs-hg400 Cassette is an 9 Speed Cassette that is silver-plated in between the chains, it is exquisite for a street or races ride.